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I could have given you more than 5 star rating I would have, becuase you definitely earned it on this one, thank you.
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Patient: can it be heart related? Doctor:These symptoms actually aggravate with pre-menstrual symptoms. It can be however gastritis mimics with such cardiac (heart) related concerns,
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Hpv and anal cancer - hpv and anal cancer Dear Dr. Please i need an urgent medical consultation regarding the following case. Appreciate your feedback as i really need help and i cant find solid answers to my question here in my country as I am in developed country where medical issues are still far away from best practices. I am a 36 years old year man. I am divorced since 2 years and have 2 children. After my divorce I had some casual sex in some occasions all with women in a straight manner and with condoms except that I knew a new girl friend since a year ago. We started our sex life since 9 months which was on and off, like 2-3 times per month not on a regular basis as we didn't share the same place. But as she was virgin 33 yrs old women I didn't want to break her virginity, so unfortunately we were practicing anal sex. She is now diagnosed as having anal cancer. And knowing that the main reason of this kind of cancer is hpv transmission through anal sex I have three related questions: 1- Does what we did is surely and definitely the cause of her anal cancer? I struggled on Internet and with local drs, some are saying that it needs at least two years that the HPV infection can build the cancer cells in this area and the normal is 10-20 yrs, so can the cancer cells only be built on these 9 months time?! 2- If as I said, we did anal sex for only 9 months and hpv "cannot" be the reason of her anal cancer because the life cycle of hpv to be processed to cancer "must" take at least several years, the question is: can anal sex by itself without hpv infection can be a reason of anal cancer for any other reason rather than hpv infection taking into consideration again the shirt duration of the 9 months? 3- What is the opportunity that me too can have an anus/pinus cancer or any other kind of cancers because my girlfriend had it already if the cause was an hpv transmission from myself? Does this increase my risks? Is there any available analysis that I can do related to pinus hpv infection or penis cancer? 4- knowing that there is no analysis to show the hpv that I have or it's type from the hundreds of kinds of hpvs, shouldn't I have sex again ever with any new partner forever in my whole life even in a normal straight sex? If me is the reason for my girl friend to get her anal cancer can I be a source for others for cervical cancer which is more related to hpv infections? Please i don't want to transmit any harmful thing to anyone again. So do I have to stop my sex life forever? I don't have any kind of symptoms around or on my penus or anus (warts) , but my info that the dangerous kinds of hpvs that cause cancer doesn't have any symptoms except when me or my partner get the cancer?! My latest STDs analysis showed negative for all of the following: HIV 1 & 2, HCV antibody 3rd generation and VDRL. To summarize my 3 questions again: 1- am I the definite cause of my girlfriend having her anal cancer through hpv infection? 2- if not, can anal cancer be caused by just anal sex without hpv infection? 3- what is the opportunity that in near/medium/long future term I may have any kind of similar cancer or a pinus cancer if I have an hpv that caused this cancer to my girlfriend? Is there any analysis or can I be early diagnosed wether from the hpv or the pinus/anus cancer? 4- can I have sex again on my life or this be impossible and should I consider my sex life is ended forever as this will be dangerous to my future partner and may cause her cancer? Thank you for listening and I will be waiting for an answer to these questions which I hope i can find an answer! thank you very much Kind regards
Painful and swollen lymph nodes for 4 months - Hello, Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I am a 38 year old male and I've had painful lymph nodes in my neck. The pain has been intermittent now for well over a year; however, the past 4 months, the pain has become non-stop and has occurred in my neck, groin, armpits, jaw, and ear area. I've had no obvious signs of infection. Tested negative for HIV, Lyme, and some other viruses. I do have lower back, hip, and testicle pain, but that has been occurring for over 3 years now. My ENT finally decided to do an ultrasound and MRI. The results are below. The ENT says no biopsy is needed but that I should pursue treatment for the neural foraminal narrowing in my neck as he thinks that is where the neck pain is coming from. I'm not a doctor but the pain is definitely in my lymph system (neck glands, armpits, etc). The Ultrasound and MRI are below. Do you think I need a biopsy? I'm still in pain everyday. ULTRASOUND: ECHNIQUE: Bilateral neck sonogram was obtained. FINDINGS: Patient complains of palpable submandibular adenopathy. Palpable nodule in the right submandibular area corresponds to a mildly enlarged lymph node measuring 3.4 cm in length and 6 mm in AP diameter. Palpable nodule in the left submandibular region corresponds to a mildly enlarged lymph node measuring 2.5 cm in length and 9 mm in AP diameter. A few additional normal size lymph nodes are present in the mid and lower neck. Lymph nodes appear benign with central fatty hilum and no eccentric nodularity. Impression IMPRESSION: Benign bilateral neck adenopathy, probably reactive. MRI:CLINICAL HISTORY: Neck pain and cervical lymphadenopathy. TECHNIQUE: PULSE SEQUENCES: Sagittal T1, sagittal T2, coronal T2, axial T1, axial T2, axial proton density. The examination was performed without contrast. COMPARISON: No prior studies available. FINDINGS: Enlarged bilateral level II lymph nodes measuring up to 1.2 cm short axis are present. However, These lymph nodes demonstrate benign reniform configuration with the left node demonstrating a fatty hilum. Prominent up to 8mm bilateral level Ib lymph nodes demonstrate prominent fatty hilum. Additional scattered smaller lymph nodes are present within the bilateral level II, III, IV and level V nodal stations. No solid or cystic neck mass is noted. The salivary and the thyroid glands are normal in appearance. Impression IMPRESSION: Enlarged bilateral level Ib and level II lymph nodes some of demonstrate fatty hila with reniform configuration are probably reactive. Mild anterior subluxation of the cervical spine at C2-C3, C3-C4 and C4-C5 with up to moderate right C3-C4 neural foraminal narrowing.
Others - I have been chasing this problem for over 1 1/2 years now, and it is getting progressively worse, to the point that I am no longer able to enjoy much of anything that involves walking or being on my feet. At first it was mainly the back (thus the confirmed stenosis and osteopenia) and has only gotten worse.. A few months ago, my left leg started falling to sleep/going numb. I was recently being tested to try and rule out some things.. last test was for Multiple Myeloma, as some of my blood work has been off, and some protein showed in urine check. The question I have is What is the meaning of LOW results if any.. The test (protein electrophoresis) showed Low KAPPA(558) and Lambda (312)... KAP/LAM 1.79. I am a little concerned, but wonder if I should be? Thank you.. Bonkk
Does this appear to be lung cancer symptoms - Ask an oncologist now! Please enter your question in this box... Hi, I am having chest pain, burning, pain below sternum, weakness. I feel extremely fatigued. I have an occasional wheeze. No coughing at all. I do feel like I am sort of smothering. I get out of breath and my heart pounds. I quit smoking 3 years ago. The pain will start below the sternum and work up. It has been going on for weeks. Reflux med does not help. I am not over weight and watch what I eat. I am not hungry at all. Since I used to smoke I am pretty upset that this may be lung cancer. I am terrified in fact. The fatigue is upsetting me. I just started on the iron pills. Does this sound like lung cancer and should I be really upset?
Others - Please help with open and honest answer. I am a 31 year old male 6ft 3in tall 215 lbs. About the end of May I started having a feeling of a lump in my throat and was clearing my throat a lot. Then I realized that I was having Gerd again. It was really bad where food was actually coming up my throat after I would eat. I have had chest pain and back pain etc. I got on zantac which did not really do anything. Then switched up to prevacid which has really helped a lot. I would say it is 70% better than a couple weeks ago. Well a couple weeks ago I started feeling tired during the day for no apparent reason. Still getting the same amount of sleep as always and have not done anything out of the ordinary. This extreme tiredness raised a red flag for me for sure that something was not right. Well I had about 3 days where in the middle of the day I could not keep my eyes open at all right after about lunch time. I went home from work one day as I was just to exhausted. The thing that really scared the heck out of me is a couple of days ago I was checking my lymph nodes in neck and abdomen. I am very knowledgeable as to where the nodes are located and what they feel like. I have been checking them regularly since I was 20 or so. I just had a hypochondria scare a couple months ago and checked my nodes very thoroughly and nothing was there. Well when I checked my groin a couple days ago, bam there was an enlarged node in the right side of my groin. My girlfriend is an RN and I woke her up and said can you please check this out for me. She felt the left side and said no there is nothing, and then she felt the right side and said oh ya there is something there for sure. This totally put me into a panicked mess and I called the doctor and made an appointment immediately. The scariest part is the node is most like recent but it is very hard and does not move like the other nodes in my body. It feels fixed to the surrounding tissue which also feels hard and swollen as well. I went to the GI doctor and she ordered an ultrasound of the node, and endoscopy. I just did the ultrasound today and am really worried. I asked the ultrasound tech what is it that you see? She said she was not at liberty to discuss this with me. Then I said well tell me if I have something to worry about. Again she said sorry sir we cannot discuss this. Then I said well just hint if I am going to be ok and no response. Then I said it again with no verbal response. At this point I am losing my mind thinking that she was looking at something on the screen and knew for sure that it was not good. I am totally freaking out about this and think that sleep will be impossible until I have some answers as to what is going on. I am thinking this is Lymphoma or a cancer that has metastasized from another organ or place in the body. I have not had any fever or night sweats or really lost any weight. I have on the other hand had body itching that has come and gone over the last few days. Please review and let me know your thoughts. I am convinced that it is cancer due to the hardness and immovability of the node.
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