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This question was answered on Sat 12, Sep 2009 11:00am by Dr. Monica, MD

Ewing's Sarcoma vs PNET - what's the difference?

Asked by webhill (Male; 22 ) on Mon 31, Aug 2009 06:43am

Can anyone explain for me the difference between Ewing's Sarcoma and PNET (peripheral neuroectodermal tumor or primary neuroectodermal tumor) of the proximal femur? I was once told they are "very similar, yet different" and it has been bugging me for years ever since a friend of mine died from PNET.

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Answer by Dr. Monica, MD  on Sat 12, Sep 2009 11:00am:

Hi, Ewings sarcoma and PNET basically belong to the same family of tumors and represent different biologic spectrum of the same disease. PNET has more features of neuronal diffentiation while Ewings sarcomas are undifferentiated tumors. However these terms are often used interchangably. The clinical behavior and treatment is similar.

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