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This question was answered on Wed 06, Jan 2010 05:23pm by Dr.Kokil Mathur

Recently after going to disney world and riding on spinning tea cups,arollercoaster and boat ride I felt like i was going t pss out all of a sudden Since then i have been rea dizzy, lghtheaded and fast heartrate. Also I getnausea nd cant eat any thing.

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 31; normal; Relevant drugs:iron and motion sickness over the conter medicine ) on Wed 06, Jan 2010 03:00pm

Recently after going to disney world and riding on spinning tea cups,a rollercoaster and boat ride I felt like i was going t pss out all of a sudden Since then i have been rea dizzy, lghtheaded and fast heartrate. Also I get nausea nd cant eat any thing. This past year I hav had a lotof stress with findingout my 2 year old has cancer. They did an ekg echoand bood wrk and said everything looks good. My ears are little stopped up and i have yellow ooze in the corner of my eyes.. Also when i look at computer to long i get dizzy. what is this?

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Answer by Dr.Kokil Mathur  on Wed 06, Jan 2010 05:23pm:

Hi psmg04! I am so sorry to hear that your little one is suffering from cancer and can imagine the stress you are going through. This stress could be one reason for persistent nausea, dizziness and inability to eat following roller coaster rides. In a roller coaster ride, the balance organs in the ear are over stimulated and keep getting wrong information about the position of the body—lets say its like they tell the brain that the body is in position X, but by the time brain receives the signal and acts on it the body has moved to position Y. A continued process like this can make the sensory perception of position distorted and while some recover from it fast, in others it persists. Hence for future all I can advice is stay away from such rides as your body system is not able to adjust to it. What is important to note is that your ears are blocked. This could also be causing the dizziness. I suggest you take steam. Following steam you do the valsalva maneuver (done by taking a deep breath and blowing while pinching your nostrils and closing your mouth) to relieve pressure from internal ear and blocked Eustachian tube (tube connecting ear to throat). Relieving this pressure may relieve some symptoms. You can repeat this a few times. Do this 2-3 times in a day. Once the pressure is relieved, you will feel the difference. Following this, I suggest you go to sleep (may be take a light sleeping pill) in a dark room for at least 8-10 hours. Once your system stabilizes during this time, you will feel fine. You can also talk to your PCP and get a medicine prescribed for vertigo, which you can take before you go to sleep. You may need to take this for may be another day or two before you feel totally fine. Hope these suggestions help you get over the problem now. They will help provided there is no other serious cause for vertigo like involvement (a mild traumatic injury) to cerebellum in brain or upper spine. Though I personally do not think it is something very serious, on net and without examining you, I cannot comment for sure. Hence if the suggestions do not help, please consult a neurologist. Please feel free to ask anything else you may want to know. Take care!

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Comment by Dr. Harsha Priolcar on Wed 06, Jan 2010 09:16pm: Hello. I concur with Dr. Mathur who has well explained the possible causes of your symptoms and suggested appropriate remedies. I notice you are on iron and suffer from motion sickness. Both of these would contribute to your symptoms. In a patient with motion sickness, the excessive stimulation from being on rides as explained by Dr. Mathur will worsen the situation. It is best to either avoid major rides (lots of twists, turns and drops) or take prophylactic medication (before taking a ride) after speaking to your doctor. I assume you are anemic, since you are on Iron. Your lightheadedness and fast heart rate (palpitations) are probably due to the anemia and should improve as your hemoglobin increases. The stress of your child’s diagnosis is also telling on your health. Stress reduces immunity and in general increases your susceptibility to infections. Since your blood work and EKG are normal, it is unlikely to be a serious problem, but prompt attention is advisable at this time as suggested by Dr. Mathur, to stop further complications. I hope we have been of help. Please let us know if we can assist you further and do accept our best wishes for your child’s complete recovery. Kind Regards.

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