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This question was answered on Fri 15, Feb 2008 07:00pm by Dr Bobby V, MD

Serum Immunofixation test result - What does IgG Kappa monoclonal protein detected in serum immunofixation test mean?

Asked by erixjoy (Male ) on Fri 15, Feb 2008 09:23am

What does IgG Kappa monoclonal protein detected in serum immunofixation test mean? This is a follow up test for the protein electrophoresis test which detected a presence of monoclonal protein band.

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Answer by Dr Bobby V, MD  on Fri 15, Feb 2008 07:00pm:

Hi, The patient in question is being worked up for suspected multiple myeloma. Patients with multiple myeloma secrete abnormal levels of certain proteins called M protein. The investigation of M protein involve the following steps. First, the M protein is detected using protein electrophoresis. Second, the nature of the M protein is identified using Immunoelectrophoresis or Immunofixation. Lastly, the amount of M protein may be quantified using a test known as Single Radial Immunodiffusion or other techniques. To give a brief background, Protein Electrophoresis is used to seperate out the different protein classes present in blood serum using a small electric current. The seperated protein classes form different bands, and these are labelled as Albumin, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta, and Gamma. The doctors are specifically interested in the Gamma band, and check if this Gamma band on electrophoresis is broad or narrow. Normal patients have a diffuse, broad Gamma band. In patients with multiple myeloma, PEP reveals a single, sharp protein band in the Gamma region. The initial protein electrophoresis (PEP) of the patient revealed a monoclonal protein band. This strengthened the clinical suspicion of Multiple Myeloma, and the next test, or serum Immunofixation test was ordered. A brief background of the Immunofixation test: We know that patients of multiple myeloma secrete immunoglobulins. These contain sub-parts called heavy-chains and light-chains. The heavy chains are usually of a type called IgG, may sometimes be IgA, and rarely be IgM, IgD, or IgE. The light chains in multiple myeloma patients are either Kappa or Lambda but not both. Normal patients have both Kappa and Lambda. The Immunofixation test thus identifies the type of light chain that a particular patient has; in this case the test was Kappa positive. The patient in question should now undergo other routine blood investigations, liver function tests, renal function tests, bone marrow aspirate and biopsy examination, radiological skeletal survey, and serum beta microglobulin test. Treatment should begin after confirming diagnosis and appropriate staging procedures.

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Follow up:

Clarification by lauren3 on Sat 15, Nov 2008 04:55am:
Very helpful.  I'll be submitting a couple of questions after this.  Thanks you.


Comment by admin on Tue 06, May 2008 09:59pm: Visitors to this page have searched for the following: multiple myeloma igg kappa light chain / monoclonal kappa protein / serum immunofixation kappa light monoclonal / blood igg kappa / blood tests monoclonal protein / bone marrow test protein band / colon cancer and serum electrophoresis / igg kappa / igg kappa in serum / igg lambda monoclonal protein by immunofixation / igg monoclonal protein with kappa light chain / immunofixation test myeloma / is igg lambda monoclonal band in the gamma region normal kappa monoclonal proteins / m protein in gamma region / monoclonal band / monoclonal protein / protein band+cancer / serum immunofixation m protein / tests for monoclonal protein / what does monoclonal protein mean to the patient / what does the presence on igg monoclonal mean / what is igg serum / what is protein band+cancer
Comment by linda on Wed 24, Dec 2008 04:53pm: how about monoclonal lanbda detections, abnormal band detedcted equals 0.35 g/dl or 42% of the gamma region
Comment by Maureen B on Thu 02, Apr 2009 04:55pm: My Serum Immunoglobulin Free Light Chain Tests show the following Kappa FLC 18 mg/L Lamba FLC 8 mg/L Kappa/Lamba ratio 2.3 Can you explain what this means - I have MM and Paraprotein is 1
Comment by Alison C on Mon 13, Apr 2009 02:26am: My father has undiagnosed type of tumour in his lower back as due to spinal cord compression he required emergency radiotherapy and dexamethasone. MRI scan showed a large mass. He has done quite well although one year later he has developed a mass on his gum awaiting biospy result. By chance I saw some routine blood results which stated that this is a known patient with IgG kappa monoclonal band and IgM Lambda Monoclonal band we were never told about this and I dont know what thsi means hence I was looking it up and found your page -Please can you explain thanks v much
Comment by shirl on Fri 17, Apr 2009 08:18am: recent immunofixation result says ...shows IgG monoclonal protein with kappa light chain specificity.......what does this mean
Comment by Rhonda Jones on Fri 17, Apr 2009 03:42pm: Results from my protein electrophoresis Shows PreAlbumin to be 2.9, Albumin to be 51.0, ALPHA - l - GlOB 5.7, ALPHA -2-, GLOB ll.o , BETA GLOBULIN 21.2, GAMMA GLOBULIN 8.l What does this mean?
Comment by Gary on Fri 17, Apr 2009 06:09pm: My Dr. had me to take this Immunofixation, serum test asap and it came back IGG Lambda monoclonal protein does this mean my chances of having myeloma is very high
Comment by meemaw31826 on Sun 26, Apr 2009 12:39pm: Dr. Thank you so much for your information. My neuro-surgeon would not tell me anything other than this was out of his field of expertise & he would refer me to a neurologist. Why, now do I need to see a neurologist, if indeed this might be multiple myeloma, why not an oncologist?
Comment by Glenda on Mon 27, Apr 2009 07:33am: I have sle which at this time, no symtoms. My doctor has done the test immuno fixation, serum which showed igg lambda monoclonal band is observed. He has made no comment to me (I have a copy of labs done). Should I be concerned since Quest Labs suggested serum protein electrophoresis be done. Please answer me.
Comment by Fazl-e-Hadi on Wed 06, May 2009 06:52am: The Serum Immunoelecteropheris shows monoclonal paraprotein consisting IgG kappa. The SPE serum total protein are 99, Albumn are 37, Alpha-1 globin are 02, Alpha-2 globin 06, Beta globin 09, Gamma globins 04 and paraprotein are 41g/l. The comments are: Serum protein electropheresis on cellulose accetate shaow a praprotein band in gamma region with immunosuppression. Please comment on the case and its treatment plan.
Comment by anita tedder on Fri 15, May 2009 11:38pm: what does a positive immunofixation with IgG lambda?
Comment by Pearl Phillips on Sun 07, Jun 2009 10:57am: I am very interested to read all the reports on monoclonal kappa band, in Novoints with fatigue.ember 08 my test showed normal ESR and CRP, CK was 74, serum paraprotein shows monoclonal 1gG KAPPA BAND IN FAST GAMMA REGION. i dont know what this means and would appreciate your views. I suffer from severs pain in bones, muscles and joints. Comments by Pearl on Sun 7 June 2009 6:56PM
Comment by Dave on Thu 06, Aug 2009 07:59pm: Dr. says he believes that there is a 5% chance that my IgA monoclomal protein report suggests Multiple Myeloma, and wants to do a bone marrow test to prove or disprove. I was referred to him for help in determing possible cause of Peripheral Neuropaathy. Lab also reports Immunoglobulin G reading was 993; A reasin was 391; and M reading was 47. I question the need for bone marrow test in determining the cause of my low back pain. Sharing & comments appreciated.
Comment by sergio on Sun 13, Sep 2009 03:58am: cold aglutinins onr waltensome maglobulenmia
Comment by bella1 on Tue 22, Sep 2009 09:15am: Very helpful!
Comment by marilyn howard on Wed 03, Feb 2010 04:52pm: A friend was told that her immunofixation test was positve but her internist said that often the test produces a "false positive." What does this mean? My friend is following up with a hematological oncologist.
Comment by Morris Goldberg on Sun 01, May 2011 05:41pm: My serum Kappa free lite chain is slightly high at 2.9 with a range of 0.33 to 1.94. The Lambda free lite chain is normal at 1.69 and a range of 0.57 to 2.63. The ratio is normal at 12.35 and that range is 0.26 to 1.65. The IGG, IGA, & IGM were all reported as normal. What can be made of all this?
Comment by Morris Goldberg on Sun 01, May 2011 05:48pm: I erred in the comments. The Kappa/Lambda ratio result is normal at 1.35. I incorrectly punched out 12.35. Pardon my error!
Comment by gaiusgracchus on Fri 06, May 2011 09:11am: Good information, but it is not clear why biopsies, etc. would follow if this test is definitive...? If the test is not definitive for myeloma, what else could cause such an abnormality?
Comment by Lynne Kingsley on Sat 23, Jul 2011 02:43am: All of you stop.If you feel ok and kidney function is fine, decline more tests.Mgus is usually found by accident.don't prod about. I decided to read everything I could about mgus and mm.I have decided, blood tests once a year.Have to have them anyway for arthritis. I was offered bone marrow biopsy,skeletal x-rays in case of mm.That was in April. I decided after looking at all scenarios. Enjoy myself,no more flu jabs,stay away from infected people,keep my distance from doctors and public places.take amoxicillin at first signs of infection. Most of all drink red wine everyday.
Comment by sandra on Sun 18, Sep 2011 06:58am: My doctor gave me the immunofixation test as part of routine bloodwork and didn't even mention this to me til I saw the bill. What is this test for in laymen's terms please. Thank you.
Comment by david ford on Mon 21, Nov 2011 12:05pm: i went in for bells palsy to a neruologist, he ordered blood test said something about my proteins i didnt understand.i told my brother just passed away that mon of lymphoma cancer at 45, now i have to have a serum immunofixation done should i be worried.
Comment by Lynne Kingsley on Tue 10, Jan 2012 02:38am: Went to see GP for asthma and blood pressure check on Saturday.had been ill and given in and taken amoxicillin. Mentioned I was igg kappa and had not wanted bone marrow test when it was offered last year. I don't think my other ailments are anything to do with mgus. He said he will check my notes more and gave some more blood tests to have done. I was concerned at my reaction to the flu jab last time as my arm swelled so much. I also had same thing with insect bite.my mouth is always sore and dry after a cold as are my hands. Weird. Not as positive as I was back in July. Go back to GP in 2 weeks. At least he was interested in what was wrong with me. I know there isn't much that can be done for mgus, I asked if I could have a blood test to see whether there had been any change. Hopefully my results will be same or lower!
Comment by Marlene on Fri 05, Oct 2012 09:25am: good advce from Lynn Kingleys
Comment by lpm52 on Fri 25, Oct 2013 06:00am: IgM Kappa level of 11.2 with electrophoresis suggesting a paraprotein. CRP of 64, a plasma viscosity of 1.66 and a calcium of 2.37. What does all this mean. Is it myeloma or not? And if yes what is the prognosis.

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