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This question was answered on Sun 25, Apr 2010 01:23pm by bobby s, md

What is meant by havng an Abnormal Protein Band 1 (Protein-M) present?

Asked by smartguyjax (Male; 43; Hypertension, Herpes 2; Relevant drugs:Taking Micardis 40 mg / day for hypertension, Valtrex 500mg, Also taking 10mg of Buspirone and .25 mg of Xanax (Alprozolem) daily for anxiety/panic attacks every since I was exposed and recieved 1st Degree Chemical burns on my hands from to a cleaning Solution (Bar Keepers Friend) in Aug 2008 that contained Oxalic Acid. ) on Tue 20, Apr 2010 09:56pm

During recent neurological testing for the Neurological problems the M-Protein was detected with a High .3 g/dL level. The Vitamin B12 level was 376. The Serum Immunofixation results should a "Faint IGG (LAMBDA) Monoclonal Immunogobulin being detected. I have my first Oncology Appointment set for Friday 4/23/2010 to supposedly do a consult and find out next steps. Is a .3 G/DL level a concern, Is the faint LAMBDA level good or bad? Nothing on the report about the Kappa Level.

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Answer by bobby s, md  on Sun 25, Apr 2010 01:23pm:

Hi, As per our previous communication, I wish you good luck, and look forward to hearing about your further test results.

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Comment by Marie McCann on Thu 22, Sep 2011 12:37pm: I have an abnormal protein Band 1 level of .4 My Doctor does not seem to be concerned . Should I seek a second opinion?

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