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This question was answered on Fri 22, Aug 2008 05:54am by Dr Paul S, MD

borderline enlarged periceliac lymph node noted in recent radiologist CT report regarding pancreatic cancer 3 at month checkup

Asked by stephen22 (Male; 50; Pancreatic Cancer = neuroendocrine islet cell tumor removed via whipple in February 2008. Have not undergone any follow-up radiation nor chemo.; Relevant drugs:Pancrease, 4 with meals, 2 with snacks, 2 at bedtime, and Lexapro 20 mg daily ) on Thu 21, Aug 2008 09:03am

What is a 'borderline enlarged periceliac lymph node' ? At my 3 month checkup I was given a report on the previous CT and that was highlighted in the notes. My oncologist didn't mention it so I assume it's something to watch but not be alarmed about. Is this correct?

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Answer by Dr Paul S, MD  on Fri 22, Aug 2008 05:54am:

Hi there. The CT scan cannot determine just by appearance or size whether a lesion is likely to be malignant or not. A borderline enlarged lymph node around the area of your previous operation is not diagnostic of anything (we don't know if this is benign or malignant). There are two ways to determine if this lesion is benign or malignant. The first is to do serial CT scans (about 3 months interval) and see if there is any change in size. An increase in size will raise the suspicion of the lesion being malignant. Another is through a PET scan. If the lesion 'lights up' on the PET, then this means that the lesion is metabolically active and has a high likelihood of being malignant. Regards.

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Comment by david Weber on Sat 27, Aug 2011 10:18am: when they tell you that your tumor is dieing on the inside what does this mean

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