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This question was answered on Wed 26, Mar 2008 07:56am by Dr Bobby V, MD

breast mass colors - Breast biopsy says cancerous, with color of mass dark pink and red

Asked by holli_ster87 (Male ) on Mon 24, Mar 2008 05:26pm

I just have a quick and simple question..... In a recent breast biopsy that was found to be cancerous, the color of the mass was a darker pink and red. Now I have had a second biopsy on another site and this mass was a lighter pink...Are the color variations a sign of cancer?....Thanks...

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Answer by Dr Bobby V, MD  on Wed 26, Mar 2008 07:56am:

Hi, While preparing any operated breast mass for pathological analysis, it has been noted that breast cancer tissue is grayish-white or off-white in color. While taking breast mass biopsies, we use core cutting needles like the Tru-cut needle, and this often causes bleeding. This may have lead to the colors you described. I am unaware of any studies or literature reports that have shown that resected tissue color is consistently correlated with breast cancer.

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