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This question was answered on Wed 26, Aug 2009 03:00am by Dr. Namita Shrivastava

chances of surviving skin cancer

Asked by jp646 (Male; 20 ) on Thu 20, Aug 2009 12:12pm

What are the chances of surviving malignant skin cancer? Do most people survive or die? I'm talking about a mole on my back. Please be completely honest with me. Thank you.

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Answer by Dr. Namita Shrivastava  on Wed 26, Aug 2009 03:00am:

Hi JP, The survival rates are good , that is most of the people with malignant melanomas without distant metastasis survive. The outlook depends on factors such as the thickness of the lesion, presence of ulceration, local or distant spread to lymph nodes and other organs. Melanomas with size less than 1mm with or without ulceration (Stage 1) has a survival rate up to 95%.Even invasive melanomas with ulceration have survival chance of 40-85% if spread to lymph nodes has not occurred. The prognosis is poor if the malignancy has spread to distant organs. Hope this helps. Take care. For more information read-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melanoma

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