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This question was answered on Sun 30, Mar 2008 03:10am by Dr Heinrik M, MD

hard lung disease - Treatment for hard lung cancer: Work in environment where there are heavy smokers

Asked by shirley (Male ) on Fri 28, Mar 2008 06:30pm

my oxgen level in my blood runs about 97-99 however in taking a breathing test my doctor has indicated i am running at about 50% capicity we are trying an inhaler to see if there is a problem he indicated it might be hard lung what are treatments for this i am and always have been a non smoker but worked in environments where there were many heavy smokers cancer was never mentions can you help me or tell me where to look that you

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Answer by Dr Heinrik M, MD  on Sun 30, Mar 2008 03:10am:

Hi, Iím afraid hard lung is not a technical term. It may mean infection, irritant scarring, or malignancy. It may be important to obtain a sample of the lung, through a needle taken through the chest, or through a scope inserted through the mouth or nose. From this sample, the behavior of the disease will be determined and available treatment can be offered to you. A visit to a lung specialist/pulmonologist may be the first step.

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