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This question was answered on Tue 17, Aug 2010 11:14pm by Dr.Ravindra Rajput

third testicle

Asked by Unregistered (Male; 15; YES ) on Mon 16, Aug 2010 08:37pm

ok i didnt do anything about this cause i wasnt sure what it was because im almost positive its not testicular cancer i have like a third ball growing on my left testicle its not a bump its like connect almost makes like a 8 the ball is like 1/3 the size of my actual testicle any advice by the way im 15 if that has anything to do i noticed it when i was 14 and the ball didnt get any bigger.

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Answer by Dr.Ravindra Rajput  on Tue 17, Aug 2010 11:14pm:

Hi, painless conditions for lump include Hydrocele, Varicocele Spermatocele, Epididymal cyst and Testicular tumor. Flesh colored bump indicates testicular tumor (important to rule out cancer). Hernia may be another possibility. A urinalysis also should be performed since pyuria and/or bacteriuria suggest an infectious etiology such as epididymitis. Firstly, you need to undergo radio imaging like color Doppler or MRI to rule out the cause and extent of the Color Doppler imaging of the scrotum and biopsy of lump may add as adjunct for diagnosis. I suggest you to consult a surgeon. Take care and regards.

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