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This question was answered on Tue 08, Jun 2010 06:32pm by rrkrishn

lump in the mons pubis

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 21; YES ) on Mon 07, Jun 2010 06:16pm

i am a 21 year old female. i had this palpable mass iN my mons pubis. If you could see it externally, you wouldn't find anything unusual until you palpate it. you will feel the pea size mass which is painless but hard to touch. It seems like it is beneath the skin. the mass is not painful or anything. it doesnt cause me any discomfort too. I dont have any gross vaginal discharge too. i dont think its a bartholin's cyst since the lump is not near the bartholins gland. it is in the mons pubis. beneath the skin. couldn't be seen externally but can be palpated. it goes with the skin when the skin is pulled out.

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Answer by rrkrishn  on Tue 08, Jun 2010 06:32pm:

Hi, This could be a Bartholin's abscess or cyst. There are glands in the vaginal lips called Bartholinís glands. These can become painful and swollen, and an abscess can form. This often causes blockage in the main duct from the gland, and a cyst develops. This is felt as a painless, hard swelling. In such cases, antibiotics may be helpful, or surgical treatment might be required. Other possibilities are boil, sebaceous cysts, etc. The only way to know the confirmed cause is a clinical examination by an OBG specialist. Regards.

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Comment by in pain on Thu 23, May 2013 12:36am: I have2 hard bumps on my mon pubis .at first it was under the skin and painless for about a week,but now its still hard red and very painful . I tryed to pop it ,but it hurt to bad its been about a month.. please help do u know what it could be?
Comment by patricia on Sat 10, Aug 2013 07:59pm: I have a painful lump on the left side of my mons pubis its kind of close to my thigh it hurts wen i walk wen my underwear or pants rub againstit please tell me how i can realive this pain

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