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This question was answered on Sat 11, Jul 2009 07:41pm by Dr. Lokesh Jha

subcortical cyst in the humeral head subjacent to the supraspinatus tendon tear

Asked by becka (Female; 49; good; Relevant drugs:vicodin ) on Tue 07, Jul 2009 06:41pm

i fell down a flight of stairs and had a mri findingings were focal full thickness tear and abnormal fluid extending into the supraspinatus tendon, also there is subchondral cystic change and bone marrow edema in the anterior aspect of the greater tuberosity subjacent to the tear. also small subcortical cyst in the humeral head subjacent to the supraspinatus tendon tear. could this be cancer along with my injury.

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Answer by Dr. Lokesh Jha  on Sat 11, Jul 2009 07:41pm:

Hi, All the changes that you have mentioned appear to be due to injury which you have sustained. However, always be in touch with your orthopedician for proper management of the condition. Hope it helps. Thanks and regards.

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