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This question was answered on Tue 28, Dec 2010 11:00am by bobby s, md

swollen lymph under ear and along jaw line

Asked by kandafarmer (Female; 36; 2009 Malignant melanoma on arm 8mm deep, spread up to lymph in neck and under arm. had radical neck and wide incesion on the left side. started alpha interferon melanoma came back did skin graft in june 2090.; Relevant drugs:alpha interferon. 4 weeks everyday.. 6 months shots. ) on Fri 12, Nov 2010 11:38am

I now have a lymph node or a glad swollen under the ear just behind the jaw and another along the jaw line on the left side. What are the chances that the melanoma could have spread that far? What may be the other causes? I have a PET scan scheduled.

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Answer by bobby s, md  on Tue 28, Dec 2010 11:00am:

These new nodes may be the result of melanoma spread. The PET scan may help clarify the situation. All the best, be strong, and God Bless!

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